Meet the farmers

Lessons in milking

Adam Henson heads into the fields of his own farm to give us a lesson in milking, the traditional way. Read more
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More mobile milking

Mobile milking

Getting into farming is becoming increasingly difficult, with the high price of land and the costs involved. But for this week’s On Your Farm, we are in Dorset to find out how two young farmers have found a way to get into dairy farming without all the costs involved – and it’s all down to...
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New Zealand style herd

Portable dairy parlour for top New Zealand-style herd

I spoke at a meeting of the Devon Farm Management Association a few weeks back and came away thoroughly enthused by the enterprise and drive of the farmers I met there. None more so than the chairman, Neil Grigg, a Cornishman by birth but now renting a 350-acre National Trust farm on the Killerton Estate...
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Mobile milking station

Ford Farm adds mobile milking to its supplies

Ford Farm, a West Dorset Based cheesemaker has announced that it has recruited ’Prospect Farming’ as its latest milk supplier. Prospect Farming is a new dairy business that has revived the age-old ’Hosier’ method of milking – a process that takes the milking parlour out into the fields instead of the cows to the milking...
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