Frequently Asked Questions

Is Open Air Dairy Cheddar suitable for Vegetarians? 


Can Open Air Dairy Cheddar be frozen?


Can you cook with it?

Yes! Open Air Dairy Cheddar is great for both cooking with and eating on its own.

Is Open Air Dairy Cheddar Pasteurised?


Can I freeze Open Air Dairy Cheddar?

Yes! Our cheese is ideal to be frozen.

Do we make anything else?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Let us know if you think there is something you would like to see us make!

Can I buy/collect directly from The Open Air Dairy?

Yes! Send us an email and we can arrange it.

Where else can I purchase it?

Please see our stockists on the website.

Why is postage and packaging £7.99?

As a heavy item and the need to keep the cheese chilled during transportation, postage and packaging is a major cost and a cost that a small business like ours can not absorb. Unfortunately our courier increased their prices as of the 25th of November 2021 and we have been forced to pass on some of this price increase on to our customers.

Why do you not deliver to all parts of the United Kingdom?

Unfortunately it is too costly to offer this service, but this is something we are working on rectifying. Please contact us to see if we can work together to offer a solution.


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